About Bode – The Door

We have been successfully developing and manufacturing electric and pneumatic vehicle door systems for over 50 years, and the success of recent years has validated our approach to business.

With German engineering and efficient industrial production, Bode implements door systems for vehicles all over the world. Despite our high degree of product, software and process standardisation, we are pleased to actively maintain a corporate culture that has the positive features of a medium-sized, family-run company – built step by step over more than 50 years. Many of our staff belong to families that are in their second generation as Bode employees. You can feel this bond in our company through the commitment and enthusiasm of our workforce.

Our development department makes use of successful solutions from a wide range of areas which can be innovatively applied in new situations. From the tailgate door of an automobile to the fully networked door system in a high-speed train – we have knowledge acquired from multiple projects and markets around the world. Our aim is to provide failure-free door systems. Intelligent networked systems help to ensure that materials and energy are used sparingly and far-sightedly. One example of this is our Smart Door System which can be used in conventional city buses as well as with new, self-driving vehicle concepts. This system‘s weight-saving design increases the mileage of electric vehicles, and its smart functionality brings a new level of safety for boarding and deboarding.

Worldwide, fast-response delivery service with just-in-time supply of complete systems, ready-assembled for quick and easy installation – all of this is business as usual at Bode.

From our headquarters in Kassel, Germany, we transport our high standards and our technical expertise to customers worldwide. As part of the Schaltbau Group, we understand vehicles through and through – a door is the first moment in which you experience the quality of a vehicle. Having a decisive role in this quality makes us proud.

Our British subsidiary Schaltbau Transportation offers its customers refurbishment, servicing and maintenance for door systems and other on-board systems. In cooperation with our Poland-based subsidiary Bode RAWAG we also provide windows for railway carriages, complete interiors and special structures such as train roofs.

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Thomas Giebisch,
Managing Director
Sven Jagodzinski,
Managing Director