We are. cooperative.



Efficient collaboration

For us results-orientated working means completing projects quickly and cleanly in consultation with our customers. We bring together all the requirements for achieving this in our project management. We assign fixed contacts to each customer, who are then responsible for providing support, ensuring all workflows run smoothly and speak the same language as the customers – technically, interpersonally, but also in the true sense of the word: We develop fast and adapted solutions in many languages, experienced and confident on the national and international stage.

Flexible organisation

In collaboration with our customers we strive to achieve a long-term partnership. To this end above all we pledge to achieve maximum on-time delivery, constant quality and binding cost structures. One of our other strengths is to respond flexibly and pragmatically to wishes and changes during the project. This is made possible by many years of experience, short decision-making channels and a performance-orientated corporate culture.

Transparent costs structure

Our customers value Bode products due to their high, above-average reliability in use. Our brand stands for these strengths since many years. From the initial development to the worldwide sourcing of materials through to series production – our objective is to achieve the highest possible quality. Our goal is always: maximum reliability for minimum life-cycle costs.

Mutual exchange

Regular meetings with representatives of passenger associations and other institutions give us insight, not only into current developments. This mutual exchange promotes understanding and helps us to safeguard and to take into account the interests of passengers and associations from the early product planning stage. Keeping this in mind from the outset gives us and our customers the certainty that ultimately nothing has been forgotten.