We are. intelligent.



Industrial precision

Dimensional accuracy and reliable function during their entire life are elementary components of our door systems. We achieve these quality levels by consistently investing in our production. In our Kassel location we produce solely to lean criteria – partly standardised, partly fully automated, but always high precision. In this way we ensure that our products do precisely what is expected of them, even under long-term sustained loads.

Customer-focussed strengths

When developing door systems we are never satisfied with anything less than the best solution. Bode has numerous patents in kinematics, electrical drives and networked systems. We dedicate the same technical expertise on which these developments are based to each further project too. Uncompromising reliability throughout the entire product life cycle is the result of Bode‘s comprehensive design and testing process. For each of our products we verify the safety of the concept (FMEA) in hardware and software on the basis of legal regulations and individual standards.

Exclusive software solutions

Software must work. It does it best if the development is precisely matched to the installed components and the mechanical requirements in the door system. This is the task of Bode’s software development department. Working in close consultation with all functional departments, we develop individual software applications, which are used exclusively for each system.

Fulfilled user needs

The door is the interface with the passenger. For us it is obligatory that we bear in mind the needs of these stakeholders at all times. Safety and comfort always come first. In our projects we always have an eye on trends and wishes, as well as future measurement technology and sensors and we incorporate our cross-industry know-how from the rail, bus and automotive sectors into our realisation of the optimum solution.