BIDS® AM-H Sliding plug door, suspended


The BIDS® AM-H features a top-area drive and guide system for van bodies and refrigerated vehicles.

Opening: vehicle specific
Locking unit: Rotary latch can be integrated in the central locking unit
Control unit: own control unit can be modified to your requirements
Kinematics: individually designable kinematics
Door movement time: short response times
Sensors: BMU / electric sensitive edges and light barrier / light grid, motor current sensing and displacement-time sensor



With our BIDS® we have transferred a tried and tested drive for rail vehicles to the requirements in the automotive industry. Flat and lightweight, this drive can be easily integrated in the floor and is also used as a safe step. In the suspended variant, integrated in the body, the drive is optimally suitable for van bodies. In both cases the door opens and closes as if automatically.

Locking unit

We can supply a rotary latch lock unit with closing aid suitable for the drive. This can be integrated in the central locking unit and in the drive control unit. Here too we have taken tried and tested technology from rail vehicle construction, modified it and adjusted its weight and performance optimally to the car.