BMS Bode Metro System – Sliding door systems


The Bode Metro sliding door system can be supplied as a single and double panel sliding door with electric drive via a spindle or a toothbelt. Our BMS system is available as a pocket sliding and external sliding door.

The sandwich design of the door panels enables all kinds of different window shapes. Very good thermal and sound insulation values can be achieved by using additional insulation materials in the door panel configuration.

Clear width: 800 – 1,600 mm
Drive: electric, spindle / toothed belt
Energy consumption per operation: (opening and closing): approx. 120 Ws per cycle (incl. DCU continuous output)
Maintenance frequency: approx. 150,000 cycles
Use: LRV, Metro, Regio
Locking unit: Rotary latch
Control unit: 24V / 36V / 72V / 110V
Diagnostics: USB / ethernet
Sensors: BMU / electric sensitive edges and light barrier / light grid, motor current sensing and time-path sensor

The drive of our BMS system is based on a spindle or toothbelt unit. It is characterised by minimum installed dimensions and few mechanical elements. This drive is thus robust and reliable running, even under extreme loads and is in use around the world in numerous metro and light rail system vehicles.


Locking unit

The core of the door drive is the locking unit which is implemented by means of the over center position by the pivot-mounted drive motor and can thus be operated with almost no maintenance.