BMU Boarding Management Unit


As part of the Schaltbau Group we research and develop new applications for every aspect of the door system of the future. From guiding passengers to ticketing through to object detection, much is possible to make travel more pleasant, comfortable and safer – starting from the door system as the intelligent mediator between the passenger and vehicle.

In cooperation with universities and institutions, we will expedite the development of intelligent networked systems. Our most important ideas and incentive come from our customers, our service department and, last but not least, passengers. We are therefore in discussion with passenger associations, to maintain a reliable feel for the wishes of the end users.

The objective of the Bode boarding management unit is to reduce the number of electric interfaces in a door system and to increase interaction between the vehicle and passenger. The new Bode sensor system, which can replace all controls and safety devices to date with only two sensors, is a prime example of this. The new Bode sensor system secures the basic functions of the door system in the vicinity of the door, conveniently and wear-free, and provides additional safety through early detection of passenger motivations.

With this system we meet the standard we have set ourselves of covering all relevant functions with few sensors and to be open to new tasks.