Door control unit TA 12-24


The door control unit for electrical and pneumatic doors and ramps is limited to the basic functions needed to open and close the door.

External functionalities such as passenger stop requests can be transmitted to the vehicle control unit via CAN. Any special customer requests can be therefore fulfilled by the vehicle manufacturer, without having to change the door control unit software and there is no parameterization required. Commands can be transmitted to the DCU via either hardwired signals or CAN.


  • 12- and 24-volt power supply
  • Voltage range from 8 to 32 volts
  • CAN and CAN-OPEN compatibility: Adaptable to the CAN protocol of the vehicle manufacturer


  • Real-time RTX operating system from Keil
  • Reaction time 10 ms
  • Software and hardware watchdog supervision
  • Permanent data tracing with adjustable time slices
  • Up to 12 error tracers for diagnostic purposes
  • Closed-loop speed control for smooth door movement
  • The closed-loop speed control system ensures smooth, even door movement
  • The door is set to work at a pre-adjusted, ideal speed, even if the vehicle is standing on a steep uphill or downhill gradient.
  • The door speed remains the same throughout the entire life cycle of the door system, despite long-term wear and changing environmental conditions.