Electric inward swinging doors with CADS®, IST-CADS®


With IST-CADS® you have a system that provides all the advantages of CADS® – from easy installation to lowmaintenance

In addition, you save approximately 8 kg in weight compared to an inward swinging door with conventional electric drive. CADS® IST ”snap on“ – saves weight, time and up to 0.33 litres of fuel every 100 km for each door system.

Clear width: 750 ≥ 1,200 mm
Drive: Electric
Maintenance frequency: Maintenance-free
Use: From -30°C to 80°C
Locking unit: Locking secured via integrated brake in CADS® Drive
Control unit / diagnostics: WABCO or Bode Control Unit TA 12-24
Sensors: Pressure wave or sensitive edge in the primary closing edges / intelligent position sensor in CADS®


Drives and locking units.

Robust. Lightweight. Secure.

The CADS® drive made by Bode proves its worth in practice every day. And its installation is exceedingly simple. The curved ceiling area of the vehicle remains free with the CADS® drive, allowing you more design options. Thanks to the modular construction and the preset emergency release, outlays for installation and configuration are considerably reduced.