HARDI diagnostics


Our HARDI diagnostics software analyses and documents operation of the door system simply and graphically. Key indicators are worked up visually. Over the years our programmers have optimised this tool to perfection.


The graphic interface is easy to use, self-explanatory and allows the user to select from any one of more than ten languages – with detailed manuals for each one. Easy to use and universally designed for the full range of Schaltbau Bode door controllers, the software tool runs on every standard Windows laptop computer. The latest generation of door controllers is connected via a USB interface, but internet-based diagnosis is also optionally available via an Ethernet connection.

Door system diagnostics

  • Detailed logging of the last seven errors
  • Error logging in special categories
  • 11 different languages (pre-installed)
  • Terminal function
  • Motor current curve recording
  • 3 status LEDs (2 are programmable)
  • Error read-out via RS 232 or USB interface (using laptop)

You can access the HARDI diagnostic software and our knowledgebase here.