LT800-E | LT1250-E – Electric linear sliding door


Tried and tested many times over, easy to integrate and retrofit, electrical or mechanical linear guided sliding door for your van body.

Clear width: 800 mm / 1,250 mm
Drive: E-drive optional
Locking unit: Electromechanical rotary latches locking unit with own control unit (can be integrated in the central locking unit)
Door handle: with electronic button
Total weight: electric approx. 65 kg
mechanical approx. 40 kg
Seal: Labyrinth seal / brush seal
Diagnostics: Error diagnostics via our own HARDI software
Door movement time: High opening and closing speeds

The linear spindle drive is characterised by its minimum installed dimensions and few mechanical elements. This drive is thus robust and reliable running, even under extreme loads. Different speeds can be set. Thanks to its small number of mechanical parts, this drive is less susceptible to faults and low maintenance.


Locking unit

The two-stage rotary latch lock unit with electrically driven release and sensor-controlled lock position, can be integrated in the central locking unit and in the drive control. We have also paid attention to lightweight construction with
simultaneous robust design for the locking unit.