SST Electric sliding plug doors


The new generation of sliding plug doors from Bode is especially designed for bus manufacturers and for manufacturers working on new self-driving vehicle concepts. The aim of the new SST-e generation is to radically simplify the complete door system and in particular to reduce the system‘s weight.

Other important features of the new system are its improved reliability, a simple and robust method of door installation with excellent adjustability, combined with exceedingly simple maintenance of the door systems during vehicle operation. The result is a new generation of sliding plug doors.

Key characteristics of this door system:

· No-loss, super smooth belted drive
· Dead centre regulated locking system
· Optimised movement for opening and closing (Soft Closing)
· Reduced noise during opening and closing
· Common and/or separate operation of door panels (optional)
· Diagonal positioning of one or both door panels (optional)

A convenient compact design featuring reduced weight for lower energy consumption rounds out the benefits of this new trend-setting door system from Bode. The prototype is presently patent pending. The concept is in final review prior to implementation in the first customer projects.

Clear width: 650–800 mm portal width (1-leaf)
1,200–1,350 mm portal width (2-leaf)
Drive: Electric
Weight 56 kg /drive unit)
Maintenance frequency: Low maintenance
Use: From -40°C to 80°C
Locking unit: Power-free secure locking with dead center regulated locking system
Sensors: HSK, NSK or both (optional) Motor current monitoring system

No-loss toothed belt drive