Next Stop: Future.

Smart Door Systems

Intelligent door systems for a new generation of city buses

The new Smart Door System from Bode – The Door has been designed to meet exactly these requirements. This system is intelligent, lightweight and electrically powered. It monitors passengers entering and leaving the vehicle, and when and where a ramp needs to be deployed for persons with wheel chairs or baby carriages.
The concept is modularly constructed so that it can be used for city buses of the present generation as well as for self-driving and electrically powered shuttle systems of the future. A key element of this door system is the BMUplus, or Boarding Management Unit plus. This unit is equipped with an interior and exterior sensor system that monitors the area inside and outside the vehicle for movements and persons.

Functions and characteristics

BMU, interior / exterior

· Monitoring of boarding and deboarding for the primary closing edges
· Optional: Monitoring and control of a button area

BMU, exterior

· Monitoring of the surrounding area and the exterior closing edges
· Monitoring and control of the electric ramp
· Monitoring of the surrounding area for pre-deployment of ramps

BMU, interior

· Monitoring of the vehicle interior in preparation for deboarding