Next Stop: Future.

Smart Door Systems

Intelligent door systems for self-driving shuttle buses and other vehicle concepts

The potential for new, innovative city bus concepts is extraordinarily high in expanding urban areas with growing populations. The BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) routes enable cities to implement electric self-driving buses and vehicles at very low investments compared to underground network services.

Without a driver, operating costs can be cut by more than 50 percent depending on the fleet and type of operation. The investments for self-driving buses and their infrastructure are significantly lower than investments in underground networks. Autonomous city buses and vehicles will provide new functions and features that previously were not possible. They will reach new groups of passengers. Intelligent, self-driving and electrically powered. These vehicles detect situations while in use so that they can immediately adjust to traffic conditions.

Product and Process Development (PDP)

The product and process development plan defines the workflow from the initial idea for a new product through to the serial production. Our focus is to develop robust products for serial production which meet all customer requirements throughout the product life cycle.