Intelligent systems.

The purpose of well thought through diagnostics is to avoid failures – and we are masters at this. Yet the future of the door is as an intelligent interface with the passenger and freight.

We recognised the relevance of IT in the door system many years ago and set up our own IT department. Our controls and diagnostic tools can be used under Windows and with standard hardware . The interfaces are therefore also simple and reliable: via USB and on request via an ethernet link. In addition, supplied with a simple, clear and intuitive user interface, our systems are available in more than 15 languages.

In future sensors on doors will not only carry out control functions. From ticketing through to space management, we are working on many features which will make the door system of tomorrow more intelligent. Non-contact sensor technology for diff erent functions in the door system is in principle already a standard feature and can be retrofi tted.

Whatever the future brings – Bode. The Door. This much is certain.