Partnership in development.

Intelligent solutions.

Development of door systems and components

In the development of door systems and components we are a tried and tested and reliable partner. With our extensive experience we are able to complete a development to series readiness quickly and reliably, or implement it as a special solution. Far more than 40 million components delivered to renowned manufacturers is an impressive number. However, we would rather convince you in direct cooperation – through lightweight and robust designs, with systems with visually, acoustically and technically convincing attributes.

As part of the Schaltbau Group we research and develop new applications for every aspect of the door system of the future. At the same time, valuable synergies are created between our business units. Modern sensors and tracking systems will make future delivery of goods substantially easier, by optimising and automatically acknowledging loading and unloading. The door system, as an interface between freight and humans, will be more intelligent and safer.

The new Bode sensor system secures many basic functions of the door system in the vicinity of the door, conveniently and wear free, and offers additional safety. Our in-house IT department adapts sensors and control units reliably to your interfaces.

Let us take a look together to see how we can convince your customers in future.