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Innovative partnership

When it comes to developing new systems and solutions, we like to be on board from the outset. For 50 years, Bode – The Door has been an innovation driver in the industry. We hold numerous patents which substantiate our high degree of technical excellence. If necessary our customers can rely on these resources exclusively for the development of new systems for doors, sliding steps and software. Together with the Schaltbau Group and the cross-industry collaboration of our areas of business, we continuously raise our innovation potential to a new level. This makes us the first choice for many for new product development – as a reliable partner from the design through to the finished solution.

Forward-looking development

eMobility, electric drives and networked systems, whether online or offline, are the topics to which the future belongs. We are already working intensively on the most important aspects, which in a few years will have a decisive influence on the transport of people and goods. The world is becoming “smart”. Previously unimagined opportunities are opening up for innovative product solutions. However, these are raising new challenges regarding security and data protection, which must also be solved. Research and development – cross-industry and with an ear to the market – is our approach to dealing with these issues, and at the same time to engage in close knowledge transfer with our customers.

Reduced weight

Lightweight construction is a central innovation driver for us in many areas of development. We continuously find new possibilities for reducing the weight of our door systems through intelligent and innovative use and combination of materials. Lightweight construction expertise is a notion with which we identify ourselves.

Integrated synergies

As part of the Schaltbau Group we actively transfer knowledge within the Group. Through our close cooperation we understand rolling stock and transport integrally, throughout the vehicle. This know-how enables us to use the available synergies intelligently to reliably include all requirements of a development and to continuously contribute new thought-provoking ideas for new developments and further development of existing systems in the partnership between us and our customers.