This much. is certain.

Industrial production – Made in Germany
  • Excellent quality through advanced production methods (Lean Production)
  • Semi and fully automated production processes
  • Automated warehousing system
Standardised development, components & systems
  • Standardised product development process (PDP)
  • Modular door systems and components (electric, pneumatic and mechanical)
  • Rigorous testing and review procedures to monitor product and quality convergence
  • Comprehensive technical documentation, certificates and registrations
Software development & support
  • Electronics and software development
  • Diagnosis & control management systems
  • Integrated sensor technology as the basis for smart door systems
E fficient & long-term cooperation
  • Designated contact persons in project and customer teams
  • Outcome-oriented development and project processes
  • Comprehensive employee expertise from initial inquiry to series production
Economic eff iciency
  • Competitive pricing combined with low life-cycle costs on the basis of high quality, reliable performance and effective customer service
  • Monitoring of product cost and identification of cost-reduction potentials
Knowledge at the interface to the customer
  • Exchange with user groups and associations of public transport services
  • Research & development in collaboration with institutions and universities
  • Organisation of association meetings and workshops

Less weight, more stability, compact designs
  • Use of aluminium & composites for increased stability and performance
  • New, lightweight door systems for self-driving vehicle concepts
  • Plug & Play solutions for easy, low-space, high-speed installations
Trend-setting development
  • Solutions for new e-mobility customers (e.g. Street Scooter)
  • Development expertise to meet new demands and mobility trends
  • Application and utilisation of intelligent sensor systems
The Schaltbau Group – Taking door systems to the next level
  • Products and intelligent sensor systems for innovative applications for (e)mobility and infrastructure
  • Systems and services designed for minimal life-cycle costs
  • Driving force for new trends and technologies
Fast response times and uncompromising commitment
  • Worldwide delivery of services
  • Direct contact and availability
  • Fast-response problem solving
Easy maintenance
  • Service-friendly designs
  • Intelligent diagnostics
  • Multilingual technical documentation
Seamless logistics
  • Just-in-time – assembled to your specifications
  • Reusable transport racks
  • Fast and reliable spare parts logistics for long-term support